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Air Jordan

* Number 2 in World Cup Final 2007 with Daniel Deusser

* Passes on his outstanding technique and scope

* Over 30 offspring jump at 1.50m level and higher

* 13 approved sons.


Air Jordan Z, unlimited scope! The Oldenburg bred stallion Air Jordan Z is one of the most successful stallion in the sport of the last decade. With is eye-catching and exemplary technique and unlimited scope Air Jordan Z was the runner-up in the World Cup Final in 2007 in Las Vegas. Daniel Deusser rode Air Jordan Z to many victories, like in the Grand Prix of Deauville, Braunschweig, Valkenswaard and Arezzo.

Air Jordan Z passes on his qualities to his offspring. Over 30 jump at the highest level and shine in the Grand Prix every week, for example Armani van Overis Z, Aristo Z, Airway Mury Marais Z ,Air Nike Z and Atlantis PP Z. In Europe 13 sons of Air Jordan Z got approved.


Sire Argentinus belongs tot he best producers of sporthorses. Famous progeny in sport: Anka, Arko III, Asti Spumante and Adlantus As.